Raphael and Associates recognizes that Subrogation recovery is as important as the proper resolution of claims. The aggressive pursuit of Subrogation is a cornerstone of the claims service provided by R&A.

The key to successful recovery is the early identification of liability theories and potential targets so that our client’s interests are protected.

To this end, we have a dedicated unit that focuses solely on Subrogation.

Our claims examiners are trained to actively identify potential Subrogation targets, immediately issue the proper notice and initiate the collection process even before the files are transferred to the Subrogation specialists.

Our Subrogation examiners, acting under the direction of our in house counsel, understand that successful collection starts with a very active and aggressive pursuit of the tortfeasors responsible for the loss. Often they are able to collect recoveries without the need to incur the costs of experts or attorneys.

However, our activities do not end when matters get complicated. When cases get complex, our examiners are trained to retain the appropriate experts and attorneys to bring the collection efforts to the next level to ensure fair and swift recoveries.

While other claims companies will ignore or often refuse to go after small matters or claims with uncertain liability, R&A understands that every dollar collected on Subrogation can lead to a more successful book of business for our clients. Every Subrogation file, large or small, certain or speculative, is handled with the professionalism our clients deserve. We are proud to say that we have been wildly successful in collecting large and small amounts for our clients. In fact many of our largest accounts have come to us as a result of our success on Subrogation.

Whether it’s a $500 or a $5,000,000 recovery, our team is driven to collect on behalf of our clientele.

In addition to collecting Subrogation on files we handle via our TPA or field adjusting clients we also provide our services as a fully outsourced department for carriers that have their own in house claims departments.

For inquiries, or further information on how R&A can assist your organization, please contact us at subro@raphaelandassociates.com and one of our Subrogation professionals will be happy to explain how we can help.

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