Claims Management: Marine

Raphael and associates claimsRaphael Marine Claims has quickly become the industry leader in handling marine claims and we have the expertise and network of surveyors to handle everything from a recreational fishing boat to a multi-million-dollar yacht involved in an incident anywhere in the world. Every member of the Raphael Marine Claims team has a lengthy background in the maritime industry and is passionate about the field both professionally and personally. We understand that when you select your insurance provider for your vessel it is for the peace of mind that proper coverage provides. Our passion for the industry and our dedication to our clients means that our sole focus is to assist you through the entire claims process.

From securing the vessel and verifying your safety from the initial moments of the incident, to repairing the damage properly and efficiently, whether it’s a yacht, family cruiser, speed boat or fishing charter we understand the value of getting you back to what you love while providing white glove attentive service.

Our team of experts will quickly and efficiently determine the cause of loss/incident, accurately and fairly determine repair or replacement costs, and interpret policy coverage to determine the appropriate course of action. We have the flexibility and expertise to manage any claim no matter the size or complexity. We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service to your insureds when they need it most, thus ensuring highest levels of customer satisfaction with their carrier and agent.

Lastly, our sophisticated technology platform allows us to provide customized, value-added reporting on anything from an individual claim to the entirety of your program.

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Brian A., United States

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Steve G., United States

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